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As everyone seems to be getting their knickers in a twist again over Nezs post I felt the need to post these photos. Just to prove ( and it shouldn’t be necessary ) that he has NOT suddenly decided to perform BECAUSE Davy has passed away. He has in fact been slowly leading up to getting back into live shows for the last few YEARS , delayed obviously by his sight problems.

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    Yeah I debated removing it, but figured it would be best to leave it and add a little disclaimer :D
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    hahha when I started reading flinda’s post, I thought “ooh no, what did he do this time, the old troll?” then I realize...
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  7. calicogirlfriend said: What a great PSA
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    I think the other problem is everybody (non-fans, the general public) remembers Davy, the most and doesn’t know there...
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    Thank you.
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